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Houston, TX 77041
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Typical Applications

PENNUM offers engineering & manufacturing services for a wide array of applications including:

  • Skid Packages
  • Flare Systems
  • Meter Tubes
  • Pipeline Fabrications
  • Subsea Equipment

    Shop Fabricaion

    PENNUM has developed a cutting edge operation successfully modeled after ISO Quality Control Standards, specializing in Piping, Structural Steel, & Packaged Skid System fabrication


    Panel Shop/ I&E Installation Services

    PENNUM’S Mayard facility consists of 18,500 square feet of shop floor space for manufacturing of panels, small process skids, and DCS/ PLC system staging.


    Engineering Services

    PENNUM offers a full spectrum of engineering services for the pipeline industry.


    Inspection and Survey Services

    Inspection Field Services Team is comprised of a highly qualified group of professionals with a broad array of experiences in providing excellent productivity and quality assurance during construction.


    Pre-Project Development

    Comprehensive and effective pre-project development is critical to the success and timely execution of any large-scale development


    Project and Construction Management

    From initial pre-project evaluations to final commissioning, PENNUM takes a hands-on approach that includes close monitoring and reporting on all aspects of the project.


        Professional Approach

    PENNUM INDUSTRIES has extensive engineering, design, and fabrication experience in midstream oil and gas systems, production and injection facilities, fiscal flow measurement systems, pipelines, flowlines, interfaces and pigging facilities. All work is performed to meet or exceed industry standards.


    PENNUM INDUSTRIES takes a hands-on approach that includes close monitoring and reporting on all aspects of the project.Projects are not approved or accepted as complete until final commissioning has been accomplished.




    11965 FM-529 | Houston TX, 77041

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