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Pre-Project Development

    Comprehensive and effective pre-project development is critical to the success and timely execution of any development. While PENNUM INDUSTRIES places a strong emphasis on reliability and the use of "tried and proven" methodologies, we are cognizant that technological challenges associated with oil and gas exploration are constantly changing. To this end, we promote autonomous, innovative, "outside the box” approaches. As we continue to evolve as an Industry Leader in pioneering solutions, our company will rise to meet these new challenges that will appropriately address the ever-changing needs of our client-base.

    Key Methodologies:
  • Budget and schedule controls
  • Contract administration
  • Identification of project drivers
  • Integrating with other client selected service providers
  • Conceptual studies
  • Overall project controls procedures
  • Planning
  • Project execution plans and procedures
  • Procurement administration
  • QA/QC procedures
  • Safety procedures and controls
  • Start-Up/Commissioning services