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    At Pennum, we provide staffing solutions for client's demands in engineering and drafting. We help the client's in bridging the talent demand-supply gap through secondment arrangements. Our leadership team is focused in providing staffing services to clients. Pennum help clients who are looking for experienced professional at a critical juncture in projects.

    At Pennum, we have delivery models and contract arrangements to provide the flexibility our clients need. Our leadership team will facilitate clients with the required workforce or project needs in the manner that works best for the clients.

    Pennum has helped many clients to stay competitive in today's constantly evolving technology environments by delivering individuals and project teams that make success happen. Our specialized engineering and drafting team has immense experience and meets the clients demand. At Pennum, we provide our team with the insights, instinct, and innovative technology to help clients with short-and long-term staffing requirements. Whether you need one person or an entire project team, we will deliver for you. We have built our reputation on doing just that, and our reputation means everything to us.